As dominate the male orgasm

As dominate the male orgasm is one of the biggest challenges of many men when having sex and to fully satisfy their partners.

Premature ejaculation is a very common problem in many men, but not all are able to seriously address the problem and seek medical advice. And it is a big mistake, because in most cases has a solution. It’s just a matter of being helped by a professional.

It is very important to know what is the cause or the source of the problem to know how dominate the male orgasm. The causes can be both psychological and organic.

Psychological causes.

A high level of stress, nervousness, fear, mistrust can cause the man to lose control during intercourse. Intense excitement, more than usual, can also cause the problem. The worst thing is that after a situation in which a man suffers from the problem during sex, distrust, nervousness grows, given the uncertainty about himself that this generates, if possible, further aggravating the problem. One result of not timely tackle the problem may be erectile dysfunction.

Post-traumatic stress and bipolar disorder are two of the most common psychiatric causes.



Organic causes

Also certain disorders of our body can cause premature ejaculation as:

  • Infections in the urinary tract or prostate
  • The consequences of smoking or alcoholism
  • Certain drugs or drugs such as antidepressants, cold remedies, stimulants, cocaine or marijuana.
  • Disorders or hormonal imbalances

Treatment to dominate orgasm

Depending on the source and severity of the problem, treatment to learn how to master the male orgasm can vary. The patient needs to go to a professional, which will collect all the necessary information, and need to have the analytical and medical tests to check the status of hormone levels and locate possible infeciones.

It should be psychological need to undergo training or therapy through exercises in which the patient regain control over ejaculation. The involvement of the couple, is very important in the treatment. It is very important to open communication between spouses, as emotional support and understanding of the problem of the couple is very important to ensure the success of treatment.

Some tactics known are:

Stop and go. When the man is about to reach ejaculation, sexual stimulation for about 30 seconds and then continues, may repeat the action several times during sex.

Compressing the penis. Also when about to ejaculate, stop stimulation and gently squeeze the tip of the penis, just where it joins the glans, for a few seconds.

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