Posted: 11.11.2016

Hi everyone!
Girls, I promised a long time ago to tell you how I managed to increase my breast from zero A to C-cup. My breast became firm, lifted and ample. It's been half a year, and it is getting more and more attractive! Well, first things first.

Why did I want to increase my breast?

As long as I remember, I've always been embarrassed by my appearance. My classmates were showing off wearing deep decollete and I kept covering my barely 'zero-sized' breast with wide T-shirts and baggy sweaters.

When other girls had dates and hang out at the school parties with boys, I was holing up far away from the spotlight. My teenage sufferings had no limits - all my classmates laughed at me because I was flat as a blackboard! So I firmly decided and promised to myself that I would by any means make my breast big and beautiful!

What are the possible consequences
of breast enlargement?

After graduation from school I started saving up for the dream of my life - the plastic surgery. Even though I knew all about those horrors that can happen with a girl if a surgeon makes a mistake, even the slightest one, I still didn't change my mind. Living without breast was much more horrible for me - my private life was depressing, I was just a bunch of complexes.

No earlier than in 5 years I managed to save up the neceassary sum of money. It was hard years for me because I had to give up on many fine things in life, just couldn't afford them. But anyway I did it! Imagine my terror and disappointment when after consultation and presurgical examination doctors refused flat to do the surgery... I fell in the deepest despair of my life.

How my shrink increased my breast by 3 sizes

Money which I collected for the surgery, eventually was spent on the sessions with a shrink. 'If I can't make the dream of my life come true, the least I can do is try and convince myself that it is possible to live a normal life without it'. with these thoughts I went to the woman who would soon dramatically change my life.


Sure thing, I expected the shrink to attack me with affirmations that nothing about me should be changed. But she understood me at once.

That wonderful woman despite her own financial loss told me at the very first session that she suffered from teasing because of her 'flatness' too. Until she finally discovered Bustural, the cream for breast enlargement and firmness.


At first I decided that she was just kidding me and that it was all nothing but a big silly joke. But she handed me a five-year photo of her where I could see the same woman in a bathing suit who looked more like a teenage boy than like a woman.

This is simply incredible, but the doctor without any requests from my side wrote me an address of a website where I can purchase this miracle and she charged me nothing for it! It took me several days to come to my senses after everything that had happened, but soon I ordered this cream for myself. All in all, its cost was low, especially if compared to the cost of a surgery.

The package came fast and beginning from that day I started applyingthe cream. I would never believe that it was possible, but my breast started growing right before my eyes! It seems to me as though I had to suffer from every evil under the sun until I finally learnt that such a miraculous method existed!


And then I got scared. What if I would have to use this cream for the rest of my life? or if it causes some awful effects?...Ann assured me that it is absolutely safe for health. Then I found a scientific article where everything was explained in detail - why and due to what kind of processes your breast gets bigger.

But fear of becoming a 'flat board' again was still gripping me. In two months I already bought a C-cup sized bra and so I decided to stop on that point, I didn't order the cream anymore. To be honest, I expected my breast to shrink in size, and was afraid I would have to buy this product again and gain for my whole life. But it's been 7 months and I am still having a full C-cup. So I can recommend this method with confidence to everyone who walked in my shoes.

Girls! Don't rush to do the surgery, there are other ways, much more affordable and effective. I hope this will help you love yourself and make a fresh start in your life.

By increasing my breast, I acquired heaps of fans, confidence in myself and a new job.

I'm the happiest girl now, and I wish you the same!

How to apply it properly?


Bustural is:

  • Fast effect!
  • Natural breast enlargement!
  • Firm breast!

When it is needed:

  1. 1. For breast augmentation
  2. 2. In flabby skin
  3. 3. Against stretch marks
Jessica Nevill
I breastfed my child for more than a year, it's been two months since I cancelled, I lost some weight and became fit but my breast...It used to be hardly B-size but now it's a good C-cup! I used Bustural ) when I started using it I noticed improvement within a week - my breast was rounder (it's very visible on small breast) and it was firmer to the touch. Morever, the cream absorbs fast, doesn't leave traces, has a pleasant odour. The result is fabulous! I achieved C-cup within a month and a half of application! One tube is enough! You should definetely buy it!

Chloe Nyman
I don't really believe in creams...but I'm tired of thinking everything over. I don't have money for good quality surgery anyway, and can't even think about low quality surgery! So I thought I wouldn't lose anything anyway, so I placed an order! I'll try it) thank you
Mary Smith
I ordered Bustural I bought Bustural after the birth and breasfeeding of my second child. What can I say: the cream definetely works, my husband noticed it. I bought it together with my friends and their reviews are almost the same as mine)) The tube lasted for a month, it was enough for me though I used it every day. The result could be seen in 2-3 weeks, my bust was fuller..the manufacturer says that the cream contains juice of a herb which boosts local fat deposit. Since breast is basically a layer of fat and glandular tissue, the fat layer is undoubtedly the main thing here!!! What else, after I stopped using it there were no further dramatic changes, but I think you can be psychologically addicted to it))) it gets kind of scary, what if you stop and it will just shrink back))) that's why after a while I purchased another tube. What can I say, if you can afford this cream financially, don't hesitate!!! I'm proud to share my results:

Anna Nelson
Wow...it looks as as though after the surgery...I can't make up my mind! I'm very unhappy with the shape of my breast (it's tube-like) so I have awful complexes. It's difficult to choose a beautiful bra. I ordered your cream. Thank you, girls! I'll try it soon too!
12.11.2016 |
Kayla Nathan
My friend had an unsuccessful surgery...now she is in hospital..that's why I'm against plastic surgery. I used a lot of creams myself but alas the effect was temporary. My breast shrank some time after using them. I'm ordering Bustural the reviews are good.
Jasmine Carrington
I'm wrtiting about the best breast enlarging cream I've ever tried.There were plenty: Evelin, Mama Comfort, Maxi Bust, Venus. The leader is undoubtedly Bustural. Details: sold only in the internet on this website. I think it is the only minus. Now about its effect. This cream really makes breast bigger.

But at the same time it doesn't provoke swelling, like Evelin does, and it isn't a simple skin care product for breast like Venus. It enlarges breast. Without any special exercises or nutrition though as a rule only these things help make breast bigger and grow 5-7 cm. This cream produces such an effect within 1-2 weeks! At first I didn't believe my eyes! Then I was thrilled!

The cream lasted for 2 months, here is my result. By the way, breast doesn't sag (sometimes it happens when you use other creams) i.e. the effect of Big Bust is long term. This can't but make me happy) P.S. The massage techinque : apply the cream with circling movements towards the centre. I leave a bit of cream under the breast until it is completely absorbed, this way the lifting effect is stronger.

If you go ahead and buy it - you won't regret it, that's sure thing! (or you can ask someone to make you a present).
Sophia Morrison
Evilin is bullshit! It can't be applied on nipples, just a rip-off, that's it. I haven't tried Big Bust yet.. Bustural.
Sarah Miln
Girls, this cream is a miracle!!!!! I always had a tiny breast, plus I'm tiny myself, but now I'm a sex bomb)))I used it for 2 months and here's my new nice breast)))) I'm over the moon)) and my husband too, I advise it)

Sydney Carroll
I heard a lot of positive reviews about this very cream, it's not expensive and of a good quality. I ordered it a week ago, decided to try it on myself) In fact, in my opinion cosmetics for breast should always be natural.. Bustural only proves this fact. The cream Bustural contains exclusively natural components, I started using it and I can already see my breast is lifted and it became firm...I think I'll achieve a stable C-cup within a month and a half)
Mila Sun
Awesome! I'll order this cream for myself too! I'm tired of these complexes!