Egg Yolk to Cure Acne

Egg yolk contains vitamin A, which is a substance highly required for skin health. There is some information spreading that you can treat your acne along with egg yolk face mask. It is reported that the yolk portion of the egg can help cure scars and has actually positive effects for your skin.

acneHowever, egg yolk face mask acne treatment is not recommended for you if you have actually large pimples and very sensitive skin. It is encouraged for you to consult your dermatologist before applying this mask to make sure whether your skin can handle it or not.

The yolk contains vitamin A, which is good for your skin and found in various acne treatment products. In fact, the Accutane uses a derivative of vitamin A. There are also varieties of acne house remedies that use the benefits of vitamin A, such as papaya. After all, this mask may be worth a try.

Egg yolk also contains a substance called albumin, which is a substance that can dry your skin. The benefit of this substance is to dry your acne and make your pores tight.

To make egg yolk face mask acne treatment, you need to make sure that the yolk is completely separated from the white egg. Then apply it in your face, wait for 20 minutes, and rinse immediately. Do not let the this mask to sit longer in your face.

You can add few tablespoon of water to the egg yolk before applying it in your face. Also, you can wash your face along with cleanser that is suitable for your skin type.

maskBecause this mask can cause salmonella, you should not use this mask for longer than 20 minutes. You need to immediately wash your face along with proper cleanser after usage.

Do not use this mask if you have actually allergic reaction toward egg. To determine whether you have actually allergic reaction or not, you can observe your acne after eating an egg. If your acne becomes worse, then do not use this egg yolk face mask acne treatment. Therefore, it is encouraged for you to seek a good advice from your dermatologist.

This treatment can be proven beneficial for your skin if you do it properly and regularly. It is suggested that you should use this treatment at least twice a week for proper result. Remember that you should watch your face carefully for any allergic reaction you may experience. Do not continue the usage of egg yolk face mask acne treatment if you experience bad edge effects in your skin.


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