Remedies For Varicose Veins


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Remedies For Varicose Veins. Varicose veins are a very common disease, and otherwise they are more frequent in women than in men. Like disorder occurs in families. Best known as varicose veins in the legs. The most commonly occur on the back of the sword and the inside of the leg. Varicose veins are blue, swollen, twisted zvijugane or surface veins (veins just under the skin).

While the artery supplying the body along with fresh blood full of oxygen, the veins carried blood that has actually little oxygen back to the heart. Vein lying between the muscles and the locomotors system in each muscle tension, and thus at each step, grip and push blood to the heart. In order not to blood flow out by gravity back to the feet, the walls are covered along with veins venous valves. These valves should be supported by a higher column of blood, so there are lots of people “damaged” in the superficial veins, the blood starts to accumulate. Inside out is putting stress on the walls; veins are excessively stretch, loop until the draw varicose veins.

Some people have actually no problems; others feel the pain in the affected area.

As a result of modern lifestyles

The fact that varicose veins occur more frequently in the western world, we are persuaded that these are related to modern lifestyles. Compared along with our ancestors most of the time at work standing still or sitting. While sitting is therefore best to use the washer for the feet. Modern clothes, especially jeans and tight panties are not recommended, as seating stress on the superficial veins and impede venous outflow. It also crossed legs causing disturbance in venous outflow.

More pounds, more varicose veins

In varicose veins may also be affected kilograms. Therefore, get rid of excess weight. Should bear a heavier burden feet, the more pressure. Drink at least two liters of water a day and try as much as possible avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Keep it in your diet high in fiber, fiber and fewer calories. Also in eradicating tension influence the development of varicose veins.

Cool it!

Areas along with varicose veins along with a cold shower, not too cold water. So long to become uncomfortable. First, take a shower in cold water along with a temperature of 10 to 16 degrees, then along with hot water to 38 degrees. Always end along with cold water.

Hormones – Enemies of varicose veins!

Preventive advice does not help much if we are to varicose veins hereditary predisposition. Their creation or aggravation can be affected by female sex hormones, which increase during pregnancy. Medicines because of possible edge impacts on the fetus should not be prescribed by a doctor. It remains only to wear compression stockings and maternity care to pregnant women during pregnancy minimum orders.


The bending of varicose veins

The strong outside stress on the superficial veins could be enlarged to prevent reverse flow of blood and blood across the deep veins. This can be achieved along with elastic bandages or medical compression stockings. These accelerate the transformation of diseased veins in the binding tape. stress dressing, most of the foot and around the ankles and the steady decline versus the knee, otherwise you can run tapes harmful because they increase congestion in the superficial veins. Bandages must be properly installed, so it is best if you first help expert. Due to frequent errors when installing the more straightforward use of medical compression stockings. These must be the size, shape and degree of compression personalized patient and his problems. Degree of doctor. Bandages must be worn at all times while on foot. This is from morning till night, and this life. A satisfactory effect is achieved already, when compression is carried out 70 percent of the time when we are on their feet.

Signs reminding us that the disease out are:

if long standing, the legs are heavy and tired in the evening,
in the legs and ankles, we feel tension, pressure,
ankles swell in the evening as a result of “leakage” of fluid in the surrounding tissue.

Even if we are to varicose veins hereditary predisposition, we can for the development of varicose veins a little guilty ourselves. Varicose veins can occur if too little move, sit or stand long, irregular eating, we have actually overweight or wearing inappropriate footwear. These factors may influence and reduce the consequences. The occurrence of varicose veins can also help hormonal changes and pregnancy.

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Remedies For Varicose Veins

How to Buy Varikosette

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